Quality Translations from a Reliable Supplier

My small but flexible business, CapriCommunications, provides translation services to companies and other organisations, private persons and translation agencies both in Finland and abroad.

I am a trained translator and have been working in the translation business full-time for more than 15 years. For most of this time – 10 years – I worked as an in-house translator for a medium-sized translation agency. Since 2007, I have been offering translation services through my own company.

Besides Finnish, my mother tongue, I provide services in English, German and Swedish. I translate document type texts from these languages into Finnish as well as from Finnish and Swedish into English. Translations from Finnish into Swedish I can arrange through my reliable co-operation network.

I am most experienced in corporate communications within various industrial sectors. As a translator of publications I know that customers want fluent, high-quality translations that are to be delivered to printing houses on time, and that it is essential to be able to constantly adapt to rapidly changing situations. My solution to this is professional and flexible service.

I am guided in my work by the motto: Focus on Functionality. This means that my primary goal is to ensure that the customer's communication functions properly, in other words, that the translation “works” and has the desired impact in its communication environment. Functionality is the key to profitability.


A Member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters CapriCommunications complies with the recommendations of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters as well as those of Translation Industry Professionals